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The website is edited by the limited liability company (LLC) LIB OPTIC which head office is located 142 rue Ordener, 75018 Paris, France.
Registered at the Register of Commerce and Companies under the number RCS PARIS B 752 507 392, SIRET 75250739200013, code APE 4778A and VAT number 60752207392 E - Community LIB OPTIC is registered at the National Business Company File Health (FINESS) under the number 752 813 600. The director of the website is Mr. Igal Brami, it is hosted by Biskot - 37 bis, rue de Ponthieu 75008 Paris - Tel. : +33 (0) 1 44 20 40 40.
The goal of is to sell optical products . This activity is carried out by the Lunigal opticians. You can contact the team of opticians by phone +33 1 42 57 93 53 (free call from a landline) or e-mail or by appointment in a Lunigal shops.

Article 1 - General

These terms and conditions constitute the terms of purchase of products and services by a user on the site (indicated " Lunigal " hereafter) and obligations of the parties . In this sense, the user has to accept without reservation all the provisions contained in these terms and conditions . These terms and conditions come into force on the date of validation of the order and are concluded for the duration of the provision of goods and services purchased, until the guaranty expires . The user agrees to the order as well as the entirety of the general conditions of sale and without any reserve when they tick the box "I accept the Terms and Conditions of Sale" at the end of the process and this acceptance is not conditioned by a handwritten signature of the customer . Indeed this electronic signature between the parties has the same value as a handwritten signature. The user declares that he recognizes that he has been informed of the possibility to take an appointment with an optician in one of Lunigal shops. Lunigal The Company reserves the right to suspend an order, a client and / or terminate accounts of a user in case of breach of these terms. The Company also reserves the right to refuse an order from a user if there has been a dispute on a previous order or if there is a risk whatsoever.

Lunigal reserves the right to change and update without notice the general conditions of sale and all items on the site at any time . All possible modifications apply to users when they are online and cannot be applied to earlier transactions . Indeed, the conditions will be those in effect on the date of the order.

Article 2 - Identification of the user

To place an order on the Lunigal site, the user must:
  • be at least 18 years old
  • be in possession of a prescription less than 3 years old prescribed by an ophthalmologist to order glasses equipped with corrective lenses. The prescription must be sent to Lunigal as soon as possible following the order on the site . It is only upon receipt of the prescription that Lunigal will honor the order and proceed to the installation of glasses (this condition is valid only in France)
  • be in possession of a prescription of less than 1 year old prescribed by an ophthalmologist to order contact lenses. (this condition is valid only in France)
  • be a person or a legal entity
  • have created their account on the website with a unique username and a clean password . Each order identified as being made with personal data shall be deemed to have been made by the user and requires the payment of this order.

Article 3 - The steps of a command

The user who wishes to order must follow the following steps:
  • Select the products and add them to the basket
  • Create a customer account (if they do not already have one) with a username and password and complete the personal sheet which gives us all the information needed
  • Validate the order after reviewing
  • Make payment by choosing a payment method
  • Confirm the order and payment
All data recorded and the confirmation will serve as proof of acceptance of the transaction. Lunigal will email confirmation of the order made with the website

The user must be able to use his credit card to pay for his order and cover all costs resulting from the purchase of products on the website

Article 4 - Taking measures of the pupillary distance (if corrective lenses)

For the order of corrective lenses to be correct, the user must send Lunigal :
  • The correction written on the prescription of the eyeglasses recipient. (To help you, refer yourself to How to read my prescription)
  • The measurements of half-distances or give to the opticians the documents where this information is or to perform this action
The user may request its measures of pupillary half-distances :
  • When consulting an ophthalmologist
  • On its previous optical invoice (EP for " pupillary " or PD for the English term " Pupillary Distance ")
If the user does not find the pupillary half-distances they may contact one of Lunigal Opticians by calling +33 1 42 57 93 53 (free call from a landline) or e-mail

Article 5 Rates and Prices for purchases from outside euro area

5.1 Rates

Prices are in euros and all included () taxes. Purchases are to be paid in euros. The bank account of the user who makes a purchase will be charged within 48 hours after the date of purchase and it will be effective only after confirmation of validation of payment centers.

Lunigal reserves the right to modify its prices, however the prices listed on the website on the day of purchase will be applicable to the user who made the order.

The prices on the website of online sale and prices in Lunigal store may differ due to management fees.

5.2 Prices for purchases from outside euro area

For orders from abroad (outside the Eurozone) VAT is not applied. So the price may vary depending on the country where invoicing and delivery takes place. However, for export customs fees may be added.

Article 6 - Quality and commitment of Lunigal

All pairs of eyeglasses and corrective sunglasses ordered on the website are controlled by a qualified optician .

Lunigal opticians check each step to achieve perfection in the Paris laboratory. We also ensure that our glasses and our sunglasses meet CE standards .

Article 7 - Conformity of products and services, unavailability

The page of items sold on the site come from the information provided by the manufacturers of the products. Lunigal tries to ensure that all product images are the most representative of reality. However, these photos are not contractual .

If the client considers the product non conform, or finds a problem due to transportion, he may send back the order to Lunigal . Different reasons can be:
  • The package is damaged : the buyer should not accept delivery and / or request a certificate of damage by the carrier.
  • There is a difference between the product received and the one ordered . This difference may relate to the size, color or vision correction.
Lunigal inform the customer by e-mail in case of partial or total unavailability of controlled and / or cancellation of the order products.

Pursuant to the provisions of Article L. 121-20-3 of the Consumer Code in case of non- conformity of products (see section 7.2) or unavailability of the product (see section 7.3) the customer can :
  • receive a product of similar quality and price, available in stock through its right of withdrawal for frames equipped with corrective lenses in accordance with Article 9 below . In this case the costs associated with the return will be paid by Lunigal.
  • be reimbursed the amount of the purchased product within 30 days of the request.
To benefit from the replacement of unsatisfactory equipment or refund the customer must make a claim within a maximum of 45 days from the receipt of the product by email or by post to the address :
Lunigal Opticians
Customer Return Service
142, rue Ordener - 75018 Paris
The customer will, at the same time, return the goods with the order number and the prepaid return label to the following address:
Lunigal Opticians
Customer Return Service
142, rue Ordener - 75018 Paris
Any claim made after this time limit will be rejected and Lunigal will be released from any liability and any obligation to refund or replacement.

To qualify for refund or exchange the product must be shipped by fulfilling the following conditions:
  • With effective protection,
  • in its original intact packaging,
  • in perfect condition for resale (not damaged or dirty) with a product or service that has clearly not been used (beyond a few minutes). Provided that the products do not bear any mark of use beyond the time needed to test it and are in a condition for resale.
  • with all its accessories, and documentation
  • with the original sales invoice with the order number name, address and the care sheet but also the original CERFA to allow Lunigal to identify the client and give a credit note / repayment is (purchase amount refunded without postage)
The shipment must be made by registered parcel with the prepaid return label or package tracking.

If the sending conditions above are not met Lunigal will be unable to refund the goods concerned .

Article 8 - Shipping

8.1 Shipping Information

Lunigal inform the customer by e -mail when sending an order.

In each package you will find :
  • one copy of the original invoice
  • documents for reimbursement by insurances
  • Products ordered
Note: deliveries are confirmed by e-mail at the address sent by the client when creating his account. In the case of an incomplete shipment, the delivery slip will only have the products in the parcel on it.
In case of missed delivery at the place indicated by the customer, a notice will be left in the mailbox by the carrier. The package or packages will be made available at the nearest post office to the products distributed by Coliposte within 10 days of the notice . If the order is refused on receipt to the address indicated the cost of returning the package to the new address will be payed by the purchaser.

Attention: Delivery of eyeglasses requires the prior receipt by any means (electronic, fax or paper mail) of a prescription of less than three years old issued by an ophthalmologist for people over 16 years old.
Delivery of products will be suspended for lack of receipt by Lunigal of this prescription. Warning:

8.2 Delivery of eyeglasses

Upon receipt of payment and data of the vision correction (prescription) and measures (pupillary half-distances) to mount glasses Lunigal will ensure to deliver a pair of glasses with corrective lenses within 15 days for a shipment in France. Lunigal commits that the delivery time is a maximum of 30 working days starting from the complete order of the product.

Upon receipt of all necessary information Lunigal tell the customer by e- mail or phone an approximate date of receipt.

Warning: If an order does not meet the conventional means of shopping online, it may not be treated by us.

8.3 Delivery of sunglasses

Subject to availability, orders placed before 2 p.m. business day will be possibly shipped the same day . Beyond 14 hours Lunigal will make every effort to ship orders the next business day .

8.4 Delivery and possible delay

The customer will be notified by e-mail of any delay in the order and the estimated time of delivery. (Especially when Lunigal is responsible for the delay) . When the delay is attributable to the carrier the customer can contact the Lunigal customer service by phone at +33 1 42 57 93 53 (free call from a landline) or e-mail .

The customer may cancel the order if it has not been delivered within ten business days after the delivery date specified by Lunigal. Within 30 working days of the request for cancellation by the customer perform with his bank a request for reimbursement of the buyer.

Warning: If this delay is a case of force majeure as defined in the French courts cancellation will not be accepted .

8.5 Delivery in several parts

If an order comes in several parts the customer will be notified by e -mail or phone. A second e -mail or phone call will inform the delivery of additional control .

8.6 Delivery performed

Each delivery shall be deemed effective upon the availability of the product to the customer by the carrier chosen . This provision will be materialized by the control system used by the carrier. Without prejudice to the time available to the customer under its right of withdrawal set out in Article 9 below it is up to the customer to check the shipment and make all reserves and complaints which would appear justified even refuse the package if it is likely to have been opened or if obvious signs of deterioration. Such reserves and claims must be presented to the carrier by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within three working days of delivery of the products with a copy addressed to .

8.7 Shipping

Delivery is usually free for any order of an optical or solar frame. Lenses only purchased are subject to shipping costs in any case .

Express delivery mode is subject to a surcharge but can be offered according to the amount of the purchase, same goes for delivery abroad.

In case of return, delivery costs incurred in the purchase by the customer will not be refunded and will be borne by the customer.

If the costumer made a mistake on the address for delivery, or he not asked for the parcel, the second delivery will be payed by the customer.

Article 9 - Right of withdrawal

Your glasses may be returned if we receive your parcel within 45 days from the delivery date.

For this reason when you order we will deliver your glasses with a plastic security ring and a label, allowing you to try them on but not to wear them for any length of time.

If by chance the product you received is not suitable, you can send it back to us for an exchange or a refund. For any exchange of refund
  1. The glasses must not have been worn, except to try them on, and must still have the security ring and the label attached.
  2. The glasses must not have any defects and must be accompanied by their case, all the lenses present in the original package, the box and the original invoice. (A damaged case will be invoiced at 30 Euros)
To enable you to try your pair(s) of glasses, Lunigal offers free returns as recorded delivery parcels. To obtain the label for the free return you only need to:
  1. request a return via your customer account
  2. contact us at with your order number.
Any shipment (return) to Lunigal Customer Service is the responsibility of customer and must be made in a rigid cardboard box to prevent impacts during transport, which may cause damage to the glasses.

In the case of a frame with modified lenses, these lenses cannot be refunded or exchanged. In addition, if you are not certain about your choice of frame, we suggest you order the frame with its original lenses first of all.

In the case of a paid express delivery method, the shipping costs remain the responsibility of the customer and cannot be refunded.

Customs fees cannot be the subject of any refund whatsoever from Lunigal.

If you would like more information our Customer Service is available on +33 1 42 57 93 53 (calls free from a French landline). It is also possible to contact us via the heading Contact us or by writing directly to

To avoid fraud of the complementary health organizations any customer agrees to return the original documents such as invoices and care sheets CERFA with the return of unwanted sound equipment and says he has not already received a refund for this order. According to article L 114-3 of the Social Security Code, is liable to a fine of 5,000 euros anyone who is guilty of fraud or misrepresentation to obtain or attempt to obtain benefits or allowances of any kind liquidated and paid by welfare agencies which are not due without prejudice to the penalties resulting from the application of other laws. The authors of fraud may also be subject to the resulting penalties for infringements of Articles 313-1 441-1 441-6 and 441-7 of the Criminal Code .

Article 10 - Guarantees

In-store Guarantees

Your frame is guaranteed for 1 year against breakage only for purchase in store.
Your varifocal lenses are guaranteed for 6 months without a change in prescription to enable you to adapt to them properly, and 3 months if your ophthalmologist has made an error in the prescription. Exchanges are possible for frames alone on condition they have a security ring attached.

Guarantees on

Our prices are competitive because guarantees for ophthalmologist prescriptions and breakage are not included for lenses.

Article 11 - Site rated by Verified-Reviews

Your purchase with Lunigal offers you the opportunity to participate at a Customer reviews proposed by Verified-Reviews

Verified-Reviews is managed by an independent company collecting customer reviews. Its purpose is to help online consumers to find trustworthy online stores.

Article 12 - Privacy Policy

Lunigal agrees not to transfer under any circumstances to third parties information about users that was provided on the website

Lunigal does not sell, rent or lease personal data about its customers. It is confidential and will only be used for the management of the customer's order and to send promotions or other marketing communications .

The user declares to accept that Lunigal keeps the personal data and information on vision correction for 10 years. However, customers may refuse this by sending an email to . In addition, in accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6th 1978, the customer may exercise his right of access to the file and the right to correct or delete information about them by sending an e -mail to (with his email address name, mailing address). The subject of the email should be something like: "Changing my client account " or by mail to the following address:

Lunigal Opticians - Termination of Internet account - 142 rue Ordener 75018 Paris - France

Article 13 - Applicable law - Litigation

These Terms and Conditions are subject to French law. This is for the substantive rules and formal rules. In case of dispute the French courts will have jurisdiction .

In case of dispute the customer first contact Lunigal / LIB OPTIC for an amicable solution.

Version of the General Conditions of Sale dated 13/02/2017.