Social security refund

Prescription glasses may be reimbursed by various health organisations.

Lunigal, your optician and adviser, will explain how you can benefit from reimbursement. In most countries just sending the invoice to your insurance company will enable you to be reimbursed for your glasses.

In France social security is the first to be contacted. Reimbursement, depending on your cover, always requires:
  1. Having a prescription that is less than three years' old
  2. Sending the CERFA form (provided by your Lunigal dispensing optician) to your social security centre or your Health Insurance Agency.
If you do not have remote transmission, it is necessary to wait for the Health Insurance Agency account statement and to send this with the invoice to your top-up health insurance. 3-stage simplified summary for glasses:
  • Sign and send the orange CERFA treatment form with the copy of the medical prescription to your Health Insurance Agency
  • Wait for the account statement from the Health Insurance Agency or the letter from the top-up insurance asking for the invoice.
  • Send the health insurance account statement + invoice + copy of the prescription to your top-up insurance or health insurance.
Caution, for contact lenses you must firstly have a medical prescription that is less than a year old. The Health Insurance Agency will only provide cover if your visual correction is significant or a specific case.

If when you receive your contact lenses you only have an invoice and not a CERFA treatment form this means that the Health Insurance Agency will not cover them. Then simply send your invoice with the copy of your medical prescription to your top-up health insurance, which will reimburse you directly according to your level of cover.

Social Security Reimbursement

The website is a French on-line optician which has an agreement with French Social Security with a professional number (Finess). This will enable you to benefit from reimbursement if you are covered by a compulsory scheme.

In fact, if you buy your glasses in France only an optician approved under the Social Security code will enable you to be reimbursed by your top-up health insurance.

Social Security reimburses a certain amount according to your lens code and depending on your age.