The Lunigal Spirit

Lunigal, history

Established since 2002, Lunigal was born with its founder's ambition. Passionate by trends, art and beauty, Igal decided to open his first store in the 18th booming district, to offer the best eyewear .

Ten years later Lunigal has open 4 shops in Ile de France and has a website for online sales offering the cutting edge of eyewear fashion and exclusive brands still unknown in France .

Lunigal, quality service recognized

For ten years now, Lunigal has not ceased to offer its customers a quality service. From the selection of glasses that will appeal you to the management of your third-party payer, to helping you choose your glasses, the maintenance of your equipment or the control of your view, our team of opticians will be at your side.

To guide you in your choice of frame, our stylists opticians will explain what type of frame will work best for your vision correction and your face while respecting your taste and especially your identity. With over 5000 frames of different brands of eyewear, fashion designers or developers, and helped by your optician Lunigal stylist, you will find the model that suits you best and rediscover the pleasure of wearing glasses! To assist you in the selection of glasses, our teams will determine based on your prescription and your lifestyle what type of glasses suits you best . We will offer you the best of optical technology .

Authorized or partner with more than 1,500 insurances, Lunigal, your Board optician will be happy to take care of the third-party payment with your complementary health * so you do not have to advance the costs of your insurance refund. (* if your insurance company practice third-party payer ) .

Lunigal, your Board optician, ensures best after-sales services :
  • Adjust the glasses to your face
  • Cleaning your glasses with our ultrasonic devices
  • Check your glasses and its frame
  • Repairs and minor repairs: screws nylon wire, polishing, changing all the pads ...

Lunigal, best value for money

Whatever your budget, Lunigal, your advice optician, will help you find your happiness among a wide choice of frames always of quality .

From the product combining the best value for money to high-end frame, our goal is to offer quality products at competitive prices .