Reading my glasses prescription

It is indicated on the prescription "glasses" or "corrective glasses"

The upper part of the document concerns the administrative part with the doctor's name, name of the beneficiary, date, etc..

The optical part is usually located in the middle of the prescription.

Here are some abbreviations used by your eye doctor:
  • RE: Right Eye
  • LE: Left Eye
  • RLE: Right and Left Eye
  • FV: Far Vision
  • NV: Near Vision
  • VA: Visual Acuity
  • ADD: Addition
  • SPH: Sphere
  • CYL: Cylinder
  • IV: Intermediate Vision

Locate the optical data

Tabs A and B circled in yellow on our example will help to determine:
  • A: The vision. Ex far vision , near vision, progressive lenses ( far vision and near vision) , intermediate vision.
  • B : Advice on the type of glass recommended by the ophthalmologist and sometimes a type of treatment or tint .
Example: Varilux Physio progressive lenses Photochromic Anti- reflection . This means that the doctor recommends wearing for better glass comfort Essilor brand Physio generation with antireflective treatment and a system that darkens on exposure to light.

Blue sphere : The sphere is a value either positive (case of hyperopia ) or negative ( in the case of myopia ) . The value is always notified with the sign + or - or with a score of 0 or plane. Do not forget to fill in the appropriate box the whole sphere value and its sign .
Cyl green: The cylinder (which exists only in the case of astigmatism ) is always notified in parenthesis with the + or - sign and must be associated with an axis (purple ) . Make sure to include the whole of the cylinder which consists of its value , its sign and its axis in the appropriate boxes . If nothing is noted in parenthesis the cylinder does not exist and therefore there is no axis.
ADD red: The addition is the additional value of far vision to get the near vision. This value varies from 0.75 to 3.75.

Below the specific example of what has been stated.
  • Sph : +0.75
  • Cyl : -1.00
  • Axe : 10
  • ADD : 1.75